OPRESA, SA DE CV , known as OPRESA and / or OPRESA CONSTRUCTION , located at 25th Street # 91 between 16 and 18 Colonia Mexico , in the city of Merida , Yucatan, Mexico . C. P. 97125 and internet portal , is responsible for the use and protection of personal data and inform you about the following:
For what purposes we use your information?
The processing of personal data of the holder , including sensitive personal data if we get to gather and , unless the holder provides otherwise, through the medium described in this Privacy Policy , aims at the development of new projects, products and services , consulting, marketing, promotion, recruitment, talent attraction , job applications , among others.
Your personal data may also have , among others, the following purposes:

           1.      Meet legal requirements of competent authorities.
           2 .     Do you know, the range of new projects, products and services as well as profits , market research ,
                    promotions, notifications of change in conditions and , in general, all the publicity derived from the service
                    we offer.

To comply with our terms and conditions in the granting of our services , sensitive data that could be collected, may be used to identify risk in contracting and design of products , services and works .

What we use personal data for these purposes ?
To carry out the purposes described in this privacy notice , we use the following personal data :
           •      In the case of natural persons: name, address , contact numbers (home, office and cell ) , email,
                  age, date of birth , personal references , occupation, nationality , marital status, Single Record of the 
                  Population Register (CURP ) Federal Taxpayers Registry ( RFC ) , school , name of the companies where he
                  has worked since, seniority , source of income , number of accounts in banking institutions for the purpose of
                  payments, interbank clabe , payment data , security number social , economic dependents , spouse details ,
                  education, financial and banking information , income, health declaration , among others.

          •      If a corporation :
                 1. Constitutive Act or document proving the legal existence of the company , duly registered .
                 2 . Amendments to Articles of Incorporation (if applicable ) .
                 3 . Power of Legal Representative, log data.
                 4 . Identification of the legal representative.
                 5 . High Finance (R1 Format ) .
                 6. R.F.C. of society.
                 7. Registration of companies and changes in working Risk Insurance ( CLEM - 01) .
                 8. Amendments AFIL - 01.
                 9. Proof of address .
                10. Added to the IMSS employer ( applies only to contractors).
                11. Interbank Clabe .
                12. Financial information .

Means for the exercise of rights holder

The holder of personal data, ARCO may exercise its rights (access, rectification, cancellation, opposition ) , limiting use, disclosure or revocation , as of January 6, 2012 , by mail at the following address : Calle 25 # 91 among 16 and 18 Colonia Mexico . Mérida , Yucatán, Mexico . C. P. 97125 , with attention to Mr. Javier Gongora Evia , upon written request containing the following information:

              1.     Full name of the holder of personal data , address and e-mail account in order to communicate the
                      answer to your request.
              2 .    Documents proving the identity and if the legal representation of the owner of the personal data.
              3 .    The clear and precise description of the personal data of those seeking to exercise any of the above rights .
              4 .    Any other item or document that facilitates the location of personal data .
              5 .    In the case of requests for correction of personal information , the operator shall indicate the changes to be
                      made and provide documentation to support your request .

This also may be made via email to:

The response time to requests submitted shall be 20 working days and a maximum of 15 days to enable the exercise of the right ARCO requested.

However, these limits may be duplicated when there are facts to justify it.

Responses to such requests shall be made ??known to the owner of the personal data via email that you set for this purpose.
How can you know the changes in this privacy notice ?
This privacy notice may be changed , changes or updates relating to new legal requirements , our own needs for products or services we offer , our privacy practices , changes in our business model , or other causes .
We promise to keep you informed about changes that may occur to this privacy notice, through the internet portal :



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